King WhatsApp APK Download v33 Latest Version for Android (Official 2024)

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King WhatsApp APK is one of the most important applications in the world, this version is completely modified and developed. Many in this WhatsApp There are great features and also features that are not present in the original KI WhatsApp. It is on the social networking platform that we present to you today from our website,

Also, in this article we are going to give you a lot of information about King WhatsApp APK which you should read very carefully so that you can get more information about it and you will never face any kind of problem in future. KIWhatsApp is developed by developer Ahmed Alsarmani. He mainly worked on the appearance and performance of King WhatsApp Download.

We can see King WhatsApp APK Gold as the latest version of WhatsApp with some improvements. It is exclusively available for all Android devices which you can download very easily.If you too are tired of using the normal WhatsApp and you like to try different things like themes and colors, then you should try King WhatsApp. King WhatsApp APK deals with many themes and customization options that will be available especially for you so that you can make your app more attractive and interesting.

Download Information Of King WhatsApp APK

Android 4 And AboveKIWhatsApp APK
UpdateJanuary 2024
PublisherApp Development Team
App RequirementAndroid 4 And Above
CategoryKing WhatsApp MoD ApK
File size71MB

The Best & Greatest Feature of King WhatsApp APK

The best WhatsApp mod that takes your chatting experience to the next level! Unlike official WhatsApp, King WhatsApp offers a wide range of amazing features such as customizable themes, the ability to control who can call you, the option to hide your last seen status, and the ability to download stories. Gives you many facilities like the ability to Therefore KI WhatsApp is also known as King WhatsApp.

*Freeze Last Seen**Who can call me*
With the help of this privacy you can freeze your last scene. What happens in this is that whenever you freeze your last scene, your last scene will always be shown to other people at the same time when you closed it.Are you tired of unwanted WhatsApp calls? Say goodbye to that frustration, because now you have the power to choose who can call you, you can easily select the contacts you are allowed to call. Also, you can enable the “Auto-call reject” function to ensure that no one interrupts you during busy times.
The Best & Greatest Feature of King WhatsApp APK
The Best & Greatest Feature of King WhatsApp APK
*Whatsapp Lock**Hide Double Tick*
King WhatsApp has an amazing built-in feature that allows you to lock your WhatsApp without the need of any third party app. You can choose your preferred locking system from PIN, password or pattern. Due to which your WhatsApp will remain completely safe.This is one of the coolest privacy tricks on WhatsApp Maintain your privacy on WhatsApp with this neat trick – Hide Double Tick! Now you can read your messages without your contacts knowing. And you can also turn off your online status.
*Anti-Ban** Large media files Send*
Say goodbye to WhatsApp ban with the new KI WhatsApp update! Our latest version, v32, comes equipped with a powerful anti-ban feature, so you can chat with peace of mind. Due to previous versions some users may experience 5 minutes ban, but we have fixed that bug permanently so you can use your WhatsApp without any problem and your WhatsApp will not be banned at all.Are you tired of not being able to compress your large media files, or send certain types of files? With King WhatsApp APK, those days are over! Unlike the official version, KI WhatsApp allows you to send videos in full quality and HD Allows sending photos in. In which you can transfer files of more than 1 GB to anyone and that too without any hassle.
InterfaceDND Mode
One of the best things about this WhatsApp is that you will get to see it with a lot of themes which you can very easily apply on your interface which will make your interface even more attractive, you can make your interface look like Instagram. , make it like Facebook.This is an additional feature that allows you to stop your WhatsApp from receiving and sending messages. Just like we use flight mode on our Android, in the same way our WhatsApp stops our Internet connection when we activate the DND mode. Goes into flight mode without turning off.

Advance Feature & Privacy

  • Automatic reply to messages
  • Schedule sending messages
  • Hide chats and conversations
  • Unique Theme Store
  • Various customization options
  • Latest Emojis
  • Change the home screen
  • Protect KI WhatsApp with a password
  • Interface customization
  • Download cases
  • Run more than one number on King WhatsApp
  • Disconnect the Internet
  • Hide conversations
  • Scheduled messages
  • Custom messages
  • New Emojis Added
  • Status Downloader
  • Enhanced Privacy Options
  • Extended Character Limit
  • Fast response time

Additions to King WhatsApp new version

  • Added floating button option where you can change color or hide button.
  • The navigation effects option is the best new feature.
  • Developed an issue where contacts were not appearing in the KIWhatsApp update in some cases.
  • The option to copy text in a conversation has been improved.
  • Added a feature to change the notification location where you can find someone online.
  • Fixed a crash from previous versions.
  • Added a new function that can copy state.
  • With the use of King WhatsApp you can easily zoom the profile picture of your contacts.
  • This App allows you to pin up to 100 chats.
  • You will enjoy a very friendly interface.
  • You can send messages to yourself to save important files or texts.
  • Other WhatsApp mods may show Advertisements but this app is totally advertisement free.
  • You will also be able to see the current status of your contact list by showing you status online.

Difference Between Official WhatsApp And King WhatsApp

Official WhatsAppKing WhatsApp
० Maximum File Size Limit: 100MB
० Maximum Group Capacity: 256
० Status Characters Limit: 139 Characters
० Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Time): 30 Seconds
० Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Size): 16 MB
० Photo Sharing Limit: Maximum 30
० Forward Limit: Maximum 10
० Accounts on Single Device: Only One
० No additional theme
० Don’t Hide Blue Tick.
० No Automatic Reply.
० Maximum File Size Limit: No Limit
० Maximum Group Capacity: 600
० Status Characters Limit: 255 Characters
० Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Time): 7 Minutes
० Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Size): 1GB
० Photo Sharing Limit: Maximum 100
० Forward Limit: Maximum 250
० Accounts on Single Device: More than One
० Multiple Customizable Icons
० Send Blank Message
० Animated Stickers
० Removed Forwarded Messages Tag
० Read Deleted Messages/Statuses
० Automatic Custom Reply
० Hide Blue Tick
० Hide Last Seen
० Additional Theme
Difference Between Official WhatsApp And King WhatsApp
Difference Between Official WhatsApp And King WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que-Is it safe to use King WhatsApp

Ans-Yes, it is safe to use WhatsApp King WhatsApp. It has an anti-ban feature which reduces the risk of getting banned by WhatsApp.

Que-Does King WhatsApp maintain 100% Safety?

Ans-Yes, this mod app keeps up complete safety. It updates regularly to get rid of the risky element that harms your device. There are no dangerous threats like bugs, viruses, malware, spyware, bloatware, etc. As a consequence, you can rely on the app for better communication.

Que-Why do people like King WhatsApp?

Ans-People like this modded app for its extra new functions and features. The app gives users competitive advantages. You can customize the functions. The app has the finest user interface that mostly attracts people to choose it frequently.

Que-Is King WhatsApp a lightweight app?

Ans-The mod is comparatively a small size app that occupies low space resulting in it consuming low memory space and internet data. So, you can operate and navigate the app and device without any problem.

Que-What makes KING WhatsApp different from the classic WhatsApp?

Ans-KING WhatsApp, as its name suggests, offers a more regal experience. While it mirrors the classic app in many ways, it also brings unique features, ensuring users get that royal treatment.

Que-Is it safe to use KING WhatsApp alongside the original?

Ans-Yes, you can have both apps on your device. However, you’ll need two distinct phone numbers to rule both kingdoms.


In this article, we have given you a lot of information about King WhatsApp, which you should read very carefully and also download the app. Ultimately, King WhatsApp offers a feature-rich and customized messaging experience for users looking for additional functionalities and customization options. King WhatsApp offers a versatile and personalized WhatsApp experience.

If you are also bored of using normal WhatsApp, then King WhatsApp APK has come once, we hope that you will like it a lot because it also provides all the amazing features and advance privacy. Here is the look of this WhatsApp logo. who likes it very much, And people are having a lot of fun in using it, in WhatsApp every person can change its interface according to his own, which makes it even more attractive.

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