JTWhatsApp Download v9.95 Latest Version for Android Anti-Ban (Official)

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At JTWhatsApp Download our commitment to the needs of our users remains steadfast, as we continue to provide functionalities that official WhatsApp cannot easily provide. To cater to our diverse global audience, we are thrilled to introduce different language versions of JTWhatsApp, ensuring everyone can communicate seamlessly and securely in their preferred language.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you in complete detail about JTWhatsApp Download, which you should read very carefully before downloading the app. In this article, we will tell you how you can download and install this app and what privacy and features you will get to see in it. Stay connected with our article till the last so that you get more information about it so that you do not have to face any problem in future.

JTWhatsApp Download, the revolutionary messaging alternative, redefines the way you interact with WhatsApp. As an extraordinary mod developed by Gymtech, it takes your messaging game to new heights. From engaging video and audio group calls to unique customization options, WhatsApp Jetty offers the freedom to personalize your messaging journey.You will have a lot of fun using this app and it is also very attractive to look at.

JTWhatsApp Download Basic Info

Find out all you need to know about our feature-packed mod in the table below. To download the official version of JT WhatsApp APK, visit our website and click on the JT WhatsApp download button below.

Requires Android5.0 Above
File Size 85.95 MB
Last UpdatedJanuary 2024
Total Downloads39,890,180

Comparing Of JTWhatsApp & Official Whstapp

In this WhatsApp you will get to see many features which you do not get in a normal WhatsApp. Below we have told what are the differences between the features of JTWhatsApp and normal WhatsApp, which you should see carefully.

Comparing Of JTWhatsApp & Official Whstapp
Comparing Of JTWhatsApp & Official Whstapp
FeaturesJTWhatsAppOfficial Whatsapp
Hide Typing ✔️
Know Who Blocked You ✔️
Hide Double Ticks ✔️
Anti-Revoke Message ✔️
Scheduled Messages ✔️
Mass Message Sender ✔️
Auto Reply ✔️
Auto Media Download ✔️
Auto Chat Backup ✔️
Enabled Instagram Stories ✔️
Post Voice Status ✔️
Status Downloader ✔️
See Anti-Delete Status ✔️
Broadcasting Messages1024 Contacts256 Contacts
Video Status Duration5 Min.30 Sec.
Character Limit for Status255 Char.50 Char.
Forwarding Capacity200 Above5
Sending File Size1GB 15 MB
Font Styles ✔️
iOS Emoji ✔️
Notification Settings ✔️
Chat Wallpaper ✔️
Sticker Packs ✔️
Transparent Theme ✔️
Icon Packs ✔️
Chat Bubble Styles ✔️

Special Feature Of JTWhatsApp

Message Scheduler

JTWhatsApp offers a message scheduler feature, allowing you to plan and schedule your messages in advance. This feature gives you more control over your messaging. You can automatically send important messages at a specific time without being physically present. JT WhatsApp’s message scheduler ensures that your messages are delivered when you want them to be. This feature lets you plan your messaging and communicate effectively, saving time and improving productivity.


The most special feature you get in this WhatsApp is that you can set any auto message in this WhatsApp. This happens that if you are offline and someone has messaged you, then you can set auto message on your WhatsApp and tell that “I am offline right now, I will reply to you as soon as I come online.” You can write anything related to this, whichever sentence you require more.

Direct Message Unsaved Numbers

By downloading JTWhatsApp, you will also get a feature in which you can directly message anyone without saving their number. So that you will not need to save anyone’s number. This opens up a whole new level of communication, making it easier to reach people you might not have saved on your phone.With this feature, JT WhatsApp takes messaging to a new level by providing flexibility and convenience.

Media Sharing

Sharing media and files is now easier and more fun using JT WhatsApp Apk. In JT Whatsapp we have included more media sharing features and limitations. Using this app you can share files more than 200 MB, while Normal WhatsApp is allowed to share only 64 MB files.

Special Feature Of JTWhatsApp
Special Feature Of JTWhatsApp

JTWhatsApp Download also enables you to share videos and photos in larger quantities, such that you can now share more than 100 photos at the same time. There is also a very useful feature called Quality Saver, which will help you send all these photos and videos with the same quality.

Status Downloader

This is a special feature of WhatsApp in which you can download anyone’s status instantly. And you can also do this in WhatsApp that no one else can see your status, only the person you want to show it to will see your status. This version is very smart and accurate to help you download and save WA status on your device. There is no watermark on the videos downloaded through it, so you can easily share it from your account.

Anti-Delete Messages

You people have used normal WhatsApp a lot but today you download JTWhatsApp in which you get great features. Similarly, one of the most amazing features in this WhatsApp is that you can see anyone’s deleted messages very easily. If someone has sent you a message and he deleted that message before you could see it, but it will not be deleted from your Tara, that message will always be visible to you. You do not get this facility in normal WhatsApp.

Themes and Customization

If you download a normal WhatsApp then you will get only one theme in that WhatsApp which most of the people are bored of seeing. So if you want to see the interface of your WhatsApp in an attractive form then you should download JTWhatsApp immediately. You will get to see many themes in this WhatsApp and you can also download its themes from Google and make any changes as per your choice in those themes, which will make your WhatsApp look much better.

  • Beautiful Theme Library
  • Stylish Font Collection
  • Change App Launcher Icon
  • Set Beautiful Wallpaper on Chat
  • Customize Widgets
  • Change size of elements
  • Customize Color and Style of ticks

Blue Ticks

An updated version of JTWhatsApp allows users to control the ticks in their conversations, allowing them to see and maintain whether a message has been delivered and read. What happens in this is that if you have turned off your blue tick, then even if you see someone’s message, he will not know whether you have seen his message or not.

  • Freeze Your Last Seen
  • Freeze Your Typing Statuse
  • Mute Your Recording Status
  • Set Chat Lock
  • Set App Lock
  • Remove Forwarded Tag
  • Set Always Online Status

This is the basic feature of WhatsApp. Apart from these features, there are many more features in it.

  • More Customization Settings
  • Advance Privacy Settings
  • In-Build Theme Store
  • More safe app lock
  • Use Custom Call Blockers
  • Blue Ticks settings
  • Custom privacy options
  • Universal Settings Options
  • Use Multiple Accounts
  • Freeze Online Status
  • Disable “Forwarded Tag”
  • New Chat Locks Features
  • WhatsApp Status Downloader
  • Auto Reply Settings
  • Chat Screen Customizations
  • Bulk Messages Sender
  • Message a number
  • Airplane (DND) Mode
  • More Media Sharing
  • Chat Hide Options
  • Anti-ban
  • Better Privacy
  • Full Customization Freedom
  • Media Sharing
  • Status Downloader
  • App Lock
  • Chat Lock
  • DND Mode
  • Conversation Settings
  • Backup and Restore
  • Added new emojis
  • Send HD quality images
  • Hide chats option added
  • Save story button added
  • Stay 24 hours online mod
  • Added status copy feature
  • Change launcher icon mod
  • WhatsApp lock mod added
  • Feature to copy message text
  • Block calls for specific contacts
  • Many languages support added

How to download and install JT whatsapp

In this article, we have told about the features of JT whatsapp and many more things. Now we will tell you how to download JTWhatsApp and how to install it. As we told you that JT Whstapp is a MOD app which you cannot download from Google Play Store, you will get this application only on Google Chrome but you do not need to worry too much, we have given the link button of JTWhatsApp Download in our article. So that you can download it very easily.

  • So first of all you have to click on the button given above and download the application.
  • Then you need to enable Unknown Devices from your mobile settings.
  • Go to your mobile downloaded folder.
  • Tap on JT whatsapp downloaded apk file installation will start.
  • Allow all the permission which are required.

After doing this, your WhatsApp will be installed which you can now use but before that you will have to create your WhatsApp account.

  • After WhatsApp is installed, you have to open it in which it will ask you to enter your phone number, you will have to enter your number there.
  • After entering the number you will get an OTP which you have to verify. After OTP verification, your WhatsApp DM will be activated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que-What Is JT Whstapp?

Ans-JT WhatsApp is a type of modified WhatsApp that provides hundreds of extra features. It is also known as JTWhatsApp mod APK.

Que-What is JTWhatsApp APK Jimods?

Ans-JTWhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by Ji developers, who have added numerous features to the app.

Que-Can I download JT WhatsApp on iOS?

Ans-You can only use JT WhatsApp on an Android device and cannot use it on an iPhone. However, you can download the iOS theme from the settings and enjoy it on Android.

Que-How can I get JT WhatsApp Plus?

Ans-JTWhatsApp and JTWhatsApp Plus are the same because they provide superb features in this modern world.

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