GT WhatsApp APK Download v9.95 Latest Version Official Anti-Ban (2024)

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In this article, we are going to tell you about GT Whatsapp. Which you should read very carefully so that you can easily understand as much information as possible about GT Whatsapp, we will tell you how you can download GT Whatsapp and how to use it properly. At the same time, we will tell you what features you are going to see in it with the help of which you are going to enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp. Its features are so amazing that WhatsApp is in great demand among the public and people are liking WhatsApp more.

Messaging apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, connecting us to friends, family, and coworkers instantly. Among the number of messaging apps available, GTWhatsApp has emerged as a revolutionary platform that offers multiple features with a combination of style, security, and convenience. Due to the official limitations and outdated features of WhatsApp, WhatsApp users are searching for WhatsApp APK’s advanced version nowadays. As you know WhatsApp does not introduce new advanced features but still offers its older version with limitations.

WhatsApp GT app has come to make up for the lack of official WhatsApp with its attractive features. This is a simple WhatsApp APK that has some new features that are not available in the official WhatsApp and it has enhanced some existing features to provide a new user experience to its users. That is why people like this application more and it is also safe for people. Now we are going to tell you about GT Whatsapp. From this, you will be able to know how you can download it and what features you will get to see in it.

GT Whatsapp Download Information

GT WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging service that allows sending text and image messages across phones, tablets, and computers. WhatsApp Inc. website claims that users send more than 30 billion messages per day, which is amazing.

App NameGT WhatsApp APK
Android VersionAndroid 4.0 and Above
Latest Versionv9.95
Size85.95 MB
CategoryMod APK
Downloads5,00,000 +
Last Updated2 hours ago

What Makes GT WhatsApp APK Unique?

Do Not Disturb– When you need some uninterrupted time, the DND mode of GT WhatsApp comes to the rescue. Turn on this mode, and you won’t be bothered by incoming message notifications, allowing you to focus on work or enjoy some much-needed relaxation. This feature is a popular feature of WhatsApp.

File Sharing– With GTWhatsApp, sharing files becomes very easy. The app supports a wide range of file formats including documents, images, videos, and audio files. Additionally, it increases the maximum file size limit, making it easier to share larger files with your contacts. You will not see this facility in normal WhatsApp.

Customization Feature- GTWhatsApp offers a range of customization options, allowing you to personalize your messaging experience. You can choose from different themes, customize the chat background, and even change the font to suit your style. You can change the interface of your WhatsApp to a great extent so that your WhatsApp looks exactly like Instagram.

 Message Scheduler- GTWhatsApp has introduced a convenient feature of message scheduling. Whether it’s a birthday wish or reminding a friend, you can schedule messages to be delivered at a specific time, ensuring that your important messages are never overlooked.

Privacy Settings-GTWhatsApp prioritizes user privacy, offering advanced settings to control who can see your profile picture, status, and last seen. You get a lot of privacy in this WhatsApp, by applying which you can remain very safe from your contacts.

 What Makes GT WhatsApp APK Unique?
 What Makes GT WhatsApp APK Unique?

GTWhatsApp Privacy and Feature

Anti-ban– One of the most special things about this WhatsApp is that this application is an anti-ban application. It cannot be banned very easily and you can continuously take advantage of this WhatsApp and that too without any hassle.

Stylish Themes Most of the people use normal WhatsApp in which they get limited themes. People are bored of seeing it, hence GT Whatsapp has given many themes in its application and despite this, you can also download its themes from Google. . Which looks even more attractive.

The Media Sharing Limit– With your GT WhatsApp you can easily share up to 10MB images and videos. The ability to share media is improving over time. But in a normal WhatsApp, you do not get this feature that you can share files of more MB.

Freeze last seen If someone wants to hide the time of their online presence then freezing the last seen feature helps us to improve our privacy. At the time you freeze your last view, your last view will always be shown at the time you froze it.

  • Ability to restore and recover the deleted messages
  • The Anti-ban feature is available
  • Stylish colorful themes
  • Two WhatsApp accounts on the same device
  • Modification features
  • The media sharing limit
  • Enhanced privacy options
  • Status Character limit
  • increase Status Uploading limits
  • Status Hiding Privacy

Difference Between Original WhatsApp and GT WhatsApp

What’s New in the Latest Version

  • Copy Captions along with a picture
  • Capable of setting “Search Web”
  • Apply emojis on your profile
  • Reactions option
  • Reports for fixing anti-virus or anti-malware
  • New Privacy options
What’s New in the Latest Version?
What’s New in the Latest Version?

How To Download Latest Version Of JT WhatsApp APK?

In the above paragraph we have told you about the features and privacy of GT Whatsapp. Now we are going to tell you from where and how you can download GT Whatsapp. So first of all let us tell you that GT Whatsapp is a MOD app which you will not find on Play Store, you will get this application only on Google. But you do not need to worry too much, we have given the link button for GT Whatsapp download above. Through which you can download it very easily. You have to click on the button and as soon as you click, your WhatsApp will start downloading.

  • Once downloaded, you need to go to your file manager and find the app we just downloaded.
  • Then a new window will open to you, it will ask you to enable permission for “Unknown Sources” (it is necessary), so enable these settings. If you have already made this setting then it will not be visible to you.
  • After you are done with the settings, click on the install button and wait while your app is getting installed.
  • Once JTWhatsApp APK is installed, you can simply click on the open button and enjoy using the app for free.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Que- Can I use GTWhatsApp alongside the original WhatsApp?

Ans- Unfortunately, GTWhatsApp and the original WhatsApp cannot be used simultaneously on the same device. You will need to choose one over the other.

Que- Can I transfer my chat history from the original WhatsApp to GTWhatsApp?

Ans- Yes, GTWhatsApp provides an option to import your chat history from the original WhatsApp during the installation process.

Que- Does GTWhatsApp support video calls?

Ans- Yes, GTWhatsApp supports video calls, allowing you to have face-to-face conversations with your contacts.

Que- Does whatsapp GT have an anti ban feature?

Ans- Yes whatsapp Gt has an anti ban feature that secures your number from banning.

Que- What is a popular whatsapp alternative

Ans- JTWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and others are some examples of popular mods of JTWhatsApp APK.
Is it Safe to Use JTWhatsApp on My Device?


It is all about WhatsApp versions that have new advanced features that outperform WhatsApp official and gain a lot of users. It is a copy of the official WhatsApp that can change the way you send messages with its advanced features. You have access to messaging options, new advanced privacy features, and other WhatsApp interface editing options to give your WhatsApp a new and unique look. And for more information related to this, stay connected to our website.

The official WhatsApp application is recommended for the best user experience, regular updates, and strong security measures. Ultimately, the decision to use GTWhatsApp or any modified version is up to the user, but it is important to carefully consider the pros and cons and understand the potential consequences before making a choice. So that you do not have to face any problem later. We hope that you liked our article and also got a lot of information about GT Whatsapp. If you too are tired of using normal WhatsApp then definitely use GT WhatsApp, it is a great application.

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