Fouad WhatsApp Old Version Download for Android (All Versions)

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Fouad WhatsApp old version is practical and gets better with every update. Therefore, it is really necessary to get its older version. Here the official website of Fouad WhatsApp Old Version provides the latest version as soon as the new one is released, so users can download Fouad WhatsApp at any time. Today we will tell you about some links to the Fouad WhatsApp Old Version which you can download from our website only.

Fouad WhatsApp is a cutting-edge messaging app that redefines the way you interact with others. With its unique features and intuitive user experience, the Fouad WhatsApp Old Version is hailed as a top choice for those who want a dynamic and customizable messaging platform. This WhatsApp is very different from other WhatsApp, its features are also quite amazing and you can also change the theme as per your wish.

Fouad WhatsApp Old Version, an extremely well-known messaging application, has gained significant recognition under various alternative names, indicating its immense popularity within the messaging community. We will tell you how and where you can download it. And what are its features and what privacy will you get in it? Stay connected with our article till the end and read the article very carefully so that you can get to know more information about it.

Fouad WhatsApp Old Version Download Information

InformationVersion v9.98Version 9.45Version 8.30
App Size86.06 MB55 MB87.60 MB
App Version91.93 MBv9.45v8.30
Developer nameFouad MODSFouad WhatsappFouad Mokdad
Android Version SupportAndroid 5.1 +Android 5.1 +19 February, 2020
Update2023202219 February, 2020
Download Information Fouad WhatsApp Old Version
Download Information Fouad WhatsApp Old Version

Comparing Fouad WhatsApp & Normal WhatsApp

FeatureOfficial WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Download Status✔️
Material Design✔️
Change APP Icon✔️
Automatic Custom Reply✔️
Themes & FontsLimited themes, default fonts4K+ vivid themes, various fonts
Emojis & StickersLimited options, no customizationsExtensive collection, new variants
What Can Be Blocked?Contacts, including audio and videosOnly contacts
Maximum Group Capacity256600
Status Characters Limit50 Characters255 Characters
Pin ChatsOnly 3Maximum 100
Image Limit Share Max, 30Max, 100
Video Length 30 Seconds5 Minutes
Forward LimitMaximum 10Maximum 250
Media File Limit16 MB1 GB
Anti-Delete Messages✔️
Hide Recording…✔️
Hide Last Seen✔️
Hide Typing…✔️
Hide Double Blue Ticks✔️
DND Mode✔️

About Fouad WhatsApp Old Version

Fouad WhatsApp was developed by Mokdad and can be downloaded to any smartphone. Since it was developed by a third party, you cannot download Fouad WA on Google, hence, you can download it from the link given above. Fouad WA Mods has everything that is not there in ordinary WhatsApp.

People prefer it more than other latest versions of WhatsApp because it is user-friendly and fulfills all our needs easily. If you are someone who loves and likes to do things your own way, then you should definitely download Fouad WhatsApp. It allows users to customize everything as per their wish including theme, font, layout, and icons which are not there in normal WhatsApp.

Are you ready to dive deeper into the excellent features of Fouad Mods WhatsApp? Let us discuss it one by one.

Know about the Privacy and Features of Fouad WhatsApp

The Fouad version of WhatsApp has this amazing feature of sharing media in high quality in which you can easily share media in high quality.

This is another useful feature that provides you with a comfortable environment. Do Not Disturb mode helps a lot during meetings and driving. It mutes call and message notifications to avoid interruptions. After DND mode is activated, you will be able to focus on one thing. It also reduces the bright colors of the screen and gives it a smoother look.

Although there are many modified versions available that provide amazing features this multilingual feature is only available in Fouad WhatsApp. It helps you understand all the major languages ​​of the world, so you can use this version wherever you go. If you are going on a trip to any country, download fouad mods to enjoy without any hassle. You will find this a lot of fun to use.

Fouad WhatsApp Download provides a creative way to connect with new people effortlessly. Shake your phone, and you can make friends with the stranger ant. If you are an extrovert and like to talk, then you can move frequently to meet new people, which will give you a lot of unknown people with whom you can also talk.

These were the basic features of Fouad WhatsApp Old Version, apart from this it also has many advanced features and privacy, about which we will also tell you.

Know about the privacy and features of Fouad WhatsApp
Know about the privacy and features of Fouad WhatsApp
  • Anti-ban System– Most of the normal WhatsApp is done by sending more messages but you do not need to worry about Fouad WhatsApp’s Old Version, this app is anti-ban, that is, it does not get banned so easily.
  • High-quality videos and images can be sent– In this WhatsApp, you can send videos and photos to anyone with their original resolutions so that there will be no major impact on your photo or video and it will be sent to others in its original size.
  • Themes store, emojis, and sticker packs- In normal WhatsApp, you get a limited theme, which you might be quite bored, but Fouad WhatsApp gives you many themes, stickers, and emojis. In this WhatsApp, you can change the theme of WhatsApp as per your requirement, which will make your WhatsApp look even more attractive.
  • Send a message without saving the number- One of the best features of WhatsApp is that you can message or call anyone without saving their number. So that you do not need to save anyone’s number.
  • Set Chat Lock-In this WhatsApp, you will also get the facility that you can lock the chats of any of your friends.
  • Copy Status- Most people have this problem in normal WhatsApp that they are not able to download or copy anyone’s status, but in this WhatsApp, you will be given this facility along with many other facilities through which you can copy or download anyone’s status.
  • No Foreword Tag– This WhatsApp Fouad also has a privacy feature in which you can remove forward tags from forwarded messages. While you can send received messages as forward messages the recipient will receive them with the forward tag associated with the messages, this feature will remove this forward tag from your forward post.
  • Voice Changer- Just like WhatsApp Plus, Fouad can send a voice note to your friend or family member on WhatsApp in a different voice tone. You can select the voice tone from 10 pre-selected options. This feature is fun to prank your loved ones.
Extra Advance Feature
1-Increase media sharing limit.
2-80+ App icons.
3-50+ notification icons available
4-50+ font styles are added.
5-Incoming call privacy.
6-Customize home screen.
7-Hide Typing & Recording status.
8-Hide your appearance from the view status list.
9-Custom wallpaper
10-The auto Reply option now has been added to this.
11-Edit the chat bubble style
12-Apply custom themes

Best Theme Of Fouad WhatsApp

1iOS White Blue ThemeClick Here
2Light iOS ThemeClick Here
3Night Moon ThemeClick Here
4Spider Man v3 Dark ThemeClick Here
5GTA Online Shot ThemeClick Here


In this article, we have given you a lot of information about Fouad WhatsApp Old Version. In this article, we told you how you can download and install this app very easily and also told you a lot about its privacy and its features, which you should read very carefully. Its latest version for 2024 builds on the power of the original and has become much stronger, so much so that millions of users have crowned it as one of the best versions of the many mods for WhatsApp. The mod can now be downloaded for free here.

There are many advantages of Fouad WhatsApp Old Version which include great multimedia features, better privacy features, incredible customization features, and more. Faud WhatsApp Old Version is different from other WhatsApp mods that do not receive updates. The most effective mod for WhatsApp is WhatsApp 2024.

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