Cyber WhatsApp APK Download v9.51 Latest Version for Android (Official 2024)

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In this article we will tell you about Cyber Whatsapp APK Download. In the age of Internet, everyone wants to stay ahead of each other, be it social media or anything else, while let us also tell you that some people are quite bored with their official normal WhatsApp. So today we have brought for you a great application Cyber ​​WhatsApp APK and we will also tell you how you can download Cyber ​​WhatsApp APK and use it.

Maybe you are looking for the best WhatsApp change the themes, colors, fonts, icons, and overall look of the App. Users can decide who can call them and who can see them online. Here are all the features of the app And you can download the Cyber WhatsApp Apk with the tutorial given below.

But this WhatsApp mod is different. Just stay tuned to the bottom of this blog, and in a moment, you will get to know the detailed details about this Cyber WhatsApp is designed to provide a secure and private messaging experience without sacrificing functionality or ease of use. It’s user-friendly and intuitive.This AntiBan WhatsApp Mod application is designed to strengthen your privacy and customization. Many things make this app best in class which are not available in regular WhatsApp versions.

Downloading Information Of Cyber Whatsapp APK Download

App NameCyber WhatsApp
VersionLatest v9.51
File Size60 MB
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads80,000 +
Last UpdatedJanuary 2024
Android Requirement5.0 or above

Special Feature Of Cyber Whatsapp APK

By downloading Cyber ​​Whatsapp APK, you will get to see all its features which you will have to use, and it will also tell you how you can download and install Cyber ​​Whatsapp APK, First let us tell you about its features

Voice Changer

One of the best features that Cyber ​​WhatsApp provides you is the voice changer. We all know that voice messages are the most used feature of WhatsApp. This is the most amazing feature of WhatsApp in which you can joke with your family members by changing your voice and they will not even recognize you.

High Standards of Media Sharing

WhatsApp makes your media sharing easy. Traditionally, you can only send 10 images at a time. But this APK increases this limit to 90. Additionally, you can send images up to 3 MB resolution and videos up to 700 MB, a feature you will not find in normal WhatsApp.

Customization Made Easy

Cyber ​​WhatsApp exhausts your vast customization options. It gives you full control of customization for your text, fonts, emoji, bar size and color, background color and icons. In this WhatsApp, you can change everything from your notifications to your icons, which makes the interface of your WhatsApp look even more amazing.

The Blue Ticks Game

The cordial feature of this APK is to provide you tick control. Just go to Settings and turn off the blue tick. They will no longer appear in the receiver’s chat. No one will even know whether you are online or offline or whether you have seen the message or not. This feature is very amazing and a very useful privacy for you.

Special Feature Of Cyber Whatsapp APK
Special Feature Of Cyber Whatsapp APK

Call Controller

This app tells you who is allowed to call you. You can see a drop-down list to specifically allow friends, family, and groups. You can choose yourself who can call you and who cannot, this feature is also quite amazing in this WhatsApp.

Themes Store

One of the key features is its theme customization. You can customize the look and feel of the app by choosing from different themes. Through this theme, you can convert your WhatsApp into an Instagram or Facebook which will make the interface of your WhatsApp look even more attractive.

Message Unsaved Number

Message Unsaved Number is a feature that allows you to send a message to a number that is not saved in your phone’s contacts. With this feature, you can easily communicate with people without saving their numbers in your phone book, which is a great feature.


Anti-Ban refers to the feature that helps you avoid getting banned or blocked by WhatsApp. This is a very important feature for those who want to use WhatsApp without any restrictions or limitations.The anti-ban feature ensures that your account remains safe and protected from any potential threats or violations of WhatsApp terms and conditions.

Other Features

  • Copy status caption.
  • Support more file format.
  • Modified more settings.
  • Lots of privacy features.
  • New style conversation bubbles.
  • DND mod added.
  • Improved Broadcasting
  • New emojis added.
  • Call controller feature.
  • Improved Privacy options.
  • Ability to hide last seen.
  • Ability to hide the message delivered
  • Auto-Reply Feature
  • Ability to hide Read Receipts.
  • Copy the status of contacts only by tapping on their status.

Comparing Of Cyber Whatsapp APK & Normal Whatsapp

Status saverX
Send large filesX
Hide Blue TickX
Copy Status TextX
IOS (iPhone look)X
See Deleted MessagesX
iOS EmojisX
Dual AccountsX
Schedule MessageX
Freeze Last SeenX
Unlimited ThemeX
Chat LockX
Hide Status SeenX
Change FontX
Comparing Of Cyber Whatsapp APK & Normal Whatsapp
Comparing Of Cyber Whatsapp APK & Normal Whatsapp

How TO Download Cyber Whatsapp APK

Above we have given a lot of information about Cyber ​​Whatsapp APK like its features, privacy and many more things. Now let us tell you how you can download Cyber ​​Whatsapp APK. And also, first of all, let us tell you that this is a MOD app which you will not find on Play Store, you will get it only on Google Chrome. But if you do not know much about it then you do not need to worry, we have given the link button of our article Cyber ​​Whatsapp APK Download so that you can download it very easily.

  • So first of all you have to click on the button given above, which will start downloading your WhatsApp.
  • Once you’ve installed WhatsApp, go to Settings on your Android device and click “Security.” And enable third-party app installation.(You have to go to your phone’s settings and open unknown sources.)
  • After opening the unknown source, you have to install the downloaded file.
  • After WhatsApp is installed, you have to open it, then first the interface will appear in front of you in which it will ask you to enter the phone number,
  • After entering the number, you will get an OTP which you will have to verify, after verifying the OTP, your WhatsApp is ready to use.

Pros and Cons


० Advanced privacy and
० Customizable themes and appearance
० Anti-ban feature to prevent account bans
० Ability to send high-quality media files
० Built-in app lock for added security
० Convenient group chat functionality
० Frequent updates and feature enhancements.


० Third-party apps are not available on official app stores.
० Possible security risks associated with downloading
० APK files from third-party sources.
० Not compatible with some older Android devices.
० No official support or customer service for the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que-Why doesn’t official WhatsApp provide Cyber WA?

Ans- WhatsApp has extended to a whopping two billion human population. Due to having such a huge target audience, you may think to play your cards wisely to secure your reputation and stature. For that reason, official WhatsApp versions do not provide extended features that could otherwise be harmful. Though it is fair enough to admit a few security risks involved with extended WhatsApp versions, it is not the case every time.

Que-It is an impressive feature mostly available in mod WhatsApp versions such as cyber WhatsApp. Its primary function is to give unlimited access to the data marked by the sender only for one view.

Ans-It is an impressive feature mostly available in mod WhatsApp versions such as cyber WhatsApp. Its primary function is to give unlimited access to the data marked by the sender only for one view.

Que- How to use Cyber WhatsApp?

Ans-After reading the whole guide, many might think this app would be too complicated. It is not the case. The good thing is that you can understand this apk in one go because of its friendly layout and interface. Additionally, you can get through different added functions by selecting a drop-down menu in the top left corner. Its usage is no different from regular WhatsApp. So, if you are new to this mod, don’t worry and start using it.

Que-What is Cyber WhatsApp?

Ans-Cyber WhatsApp is a Modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp that offers additional features and customization options.


Finally, Cyber ​​WhatsApp offers a variety of features and customization options that allow you to enjoy a secure and private messaging experience. With features like polls, anti-view once, and group chat, it offers a unique messaging experience.The ability to customize themes, background wallpapers and conversation entry styles also adds a personal touch to the messaging experience. Overall, CyberWhatsApp is a great option for those looking for a secure and customizable messaging app.

In this article, we have given you Cyber ​​Whatsapp APK Download and much more information related to it. Cyber ​​WhatsApp is developed by a third party to provide users with more features than the official WhatsApp. So if you are interested in using this app then get this app from here now. This WhatsApp is much better than normal WhatsApp.

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